Kikuyu Prophesies

  1. There will come a people from the East who will look like butterflies. Their skins will be colourless like that of the tree frog, Kiengere and you will be able to see the blood flowing under their skins just like in the Ciengere (plural). These people will also look like lepers.
  2. The Ciengere will cause a painful upheaval of the tribal ways and things will never be the same again. These pains will be the birth pangs of good and of bad.
  3. An Iron snake will be built by the Ciengere from the Sea of Rukanga, iria ria cumbi, and it will enter the Sea of the Sparrow, iria ria ihii. It will not be possible to cut the snake with a machete or spear.
  4. A living snake with a bushy head, kihinga, bellowing smoke will ride on top of the sleeping snake. It will swallow the Ciengere and spit them out.
  5. Shortly after the snake’s coming, there will be a big famine and a pestilence that will nearly finish the people.
  6. The Ciengere will carry sticks that spit fire and it will be foolish for our warriors to confront them with their spears.
  7. The Ciengere will fill the whole land.
  8. The Ciengere’s skin will look like they have leprosy and their eyes will have stripes like the skin of a mouse.
  9. Children will be born who will not have ears but only holes. They will abandon the ways of the tribe and will show no respect to their elders and parents.
  10. Children will be born who will wear bells, mbugi, in their ears and will not listen or hearken to tribal teaching, kirira.
  11. Children will be born who will have no fear of committing abominable acts, migiro.
  12. Adultery and promiscuity, waganu, will fill the whole land.
  13. Theft and petty crime will fill the whole land.
  14. Cooked food will be sold on roadsides and markets all over the country.
  15. The Gikuyu people will not heed the leadership and warnings of the Anjiru Clan and instead will follow the Aicakamuyu.
  16. Lake Naivasha will be planted with sugarcane and bananas by the Gikuyu.
  17. The plains where the Maasai, Ukabi, roam with their cattle will be farmed and millet planted there.
  18. The great forest of Mbage will one day join with the great one of Kiriti and will become one.
  19. When the sleeping snake will shift and sleep alongside the Ngong Hills, only then will the living iron snake swallow the Ciengere and take them to the Sea of Rukanga.
  20. Until the great Thingira wa Iregi (Ruling Council hut) shall be built in Githunguri kia Wairera and inaugurated with the necessary ceremonies and purification rites, the country will never be free of the ills brought by the Ciengere neither benefit from the good brought by them.
  21. Until the great fig tree, Mugumo at Thika shall fall, the country, bururi, shall never be free.
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