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Úrúmwe Western Australia

Urumwe WA mission is to provide a hub for the propagation of Kikuyu culture in Western Australia and to promote cultural engagements that resonate with our Kikuyu culture through interactive programs that foster our Kikuyu culture.

Who We Are

Urumwe Western Australia, incorporated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has no national, religious or political affiliations.

Our Motto

Unduire witu, Thayu na Wendani.

We aim to promote a vibrant Kikuyu culture by fostering a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive cultural association across Western Australia.

Promoting and supporting sporting, educational, and cultural events.

Promoting the unity of the Kikuyu community in Western Australia

Preserving and maintaining the Kikuyu culture and promoting a closer relationship amongst members of the community

Fostering the interest in Kikuyu language.

What We Do

At Urumwe, our mission is simple yet profound: we are dedicated to preserving our cultural heritage through a variety of initiatives that celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and foster unity among communities. But our work goes beyond mere preservation; it’s about building a future where cultural richness thrives and bridges the gaps that often divide us.

We recognize the importance of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations, ensuring that our traditions, languages, and customs are passed down and not forgotten.

Through our cultural events and educational programs, we aim to bridge cultural gaps, fostering understanding and respect among different communities.

Embracing the unique aspects of various cultures, we organize festivals and exhibitions that celebrate the diverse tapestry of human traditions, promoting acceptance and appreciation for our differences.

By involving local communities in our initiatives, we empower individuals to take pride in their heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and ownership.

Urumwe's efforts in cultural preservation and community engagement are not just about the past; they are about shaping a harmonious future for everyone.   It nurtures a sense of identity and belonging among individuals, fostering self-esteem and pride in one's cultural roots.


Urumwe's volunteer leaders exemplify the true spirit of selflessness and community service. They dedicate their time, skills, and energy to the organisation's mission without any monetary compensation. This voluntary model of leadership fosters a sense of equality and mutual respect among members, creating an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued.

In a world where cultures often face the threat of dilution and extinction, Urumwe's voluntary leadership stands as a testament to the enduring power of community-driven initiatives.

Through their dedication and passion, Urumwe's leaders weave the threads of cultural heritage into a tapestry of unity, ensuring that future generations inherit a legacy of diversity, understanding, and respect.
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Gratitude in Diversity: Honoring Our Supporters

Before we embark on a visual journey through our esteemed sponsors’ contributions, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to these pillars of support, each one embodying the spirit of unity and cultural preservation.

Cultural Centre

Our cultural posts offer a glimpse into the unique traditions and ways of life and our cultural heritage