Why the rooster crow

Once upon a time, in a small farm nestled in the countryside, there lived a group of chickens. They were a happy group, but there was one thing that puzzled them: why did the rooster crow every morning?

One day, the chickens decided to find out. They went to the wise old hen who lived on the farm and asked her about the rooster’s crowing.

The wise old hen listened to their question and thought for a moment. “The rooster crows every morning to let everyone know that the sun is about to rise,” she said.

The chickens were amazed. “How does the rooster know the sun is about to rise?” they asked.

“The rooster has a special connection to the sun,” the wise old hen explained. “He can sense when it is about to rise and he uses his crow to announce the news to everyone.”

The chickens were thrilled to finally have an answer to their question. They thanked the wise old hen and hurried back to their coop to share the news with their friends.

From that day on, the chickens understood the importance of the rooster’s crow and were grateful to have such a talented and dedicated member in their group. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

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